So after my first impression of Korra, I sat back and watched the rest of the show. I would go on Avatar communities and post my concerns about it, but for the most part those typically composed of a few words and a few discussions here and there. Nothing too serious. After all, all the avid fans…

You really have a lot to complain about… and here I thought a lot of people enjoyed this sequel. I just want to point out one thing. If ATLA was only 12 episodes long, do you understand how much people would be complaining about how it was too fast and the lack of character developement and all that jazz? So don’t go and say it’s not because its only 12 episodes, because this isn’t an anime infact the storylines are completely different. Heck even after ATLA was done, people STILL complained about it, just showing that people will never be satisfied. If this was 3 seasons maybe it’d be on par or better than ATLA.